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The foot massage triggered by the BioActive Insoles acts directly and constantly on the nerve endings that reach from the feet to every organ of our body, simultaneously stimulating cell regeneration.

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The sole of the foot has always been considered the “chosen zone” of the reflex points, that is directly connected with all the organs of the human body. Through plantar reflexology it is therefore possible to intervene in many disorders located in other parts of the body.

The informed fabric used by Green Shield’s BioActive Line directly supplies energy to the body, and allows the opening of an energy flow of biomagnetism that enters the human body. This flow heals the body, regenerating the cells.

The effects of BioActive Soles are well anchored to science because the cells of the human body are small natural magnets and all the functions of the body are regulated by electrical and magnetic impulses, without which man could not live. Blood circulation is freed, so that more nutrients and more oxygen reach the cells. If the body always receives adequate oxygen and nutrition, the aging process is significantly reduced. Cholesterol accumulated in the damaged areas dissolves. If the body always receives enough oxygen and nourishment, it will always be able to repair itself by reaching the “homeostatic” balance.


BioActive soles offers enormous benefits to the whole body. The daily use of BioActive soles also offers an improvement in the overall balance and with it the posture, which when incorrect, causes pain in the legs, arms, back, etc..

Those who complain of pain, fatigue and soreness, can say goodbye to the annoying feeling of pain. This is mainly due to a combo of technologies: the MaGrav Technology and F.I.R. Technology which allow to stimulate the natural efficiency of the blood and lymphatic circulation.

They have no side effects or contraindications and are suitable for all men and women.

The use of these practical insoles is particularly recommended for those who love to walk or have to spend many hours standing for work, for those who experience swelling and pain.

BioActive Insoles: What are they?

BioActive Soles are insoles to be inserted into shoes, equipped with the innovative MaGrav Technology and F.I.R. Technology inserted into the tissues and foam.

The foot massage triggered by them, act directly and constantly on the nerve endings that reach from the feet to every organ of our body, simultaneously stimulating cell regeneration.

The informed fabric, as a thermal and electrical conductor, helps to regulate the temperature of the feet inside the shoes, preventing the feet from sweating and keeping them at an ideal temperature. BioActive Soles helps to reactivate the natural physiological processes and to restore a natural well-being.

The foam also helps to stimulate the circulation and allows the body to activate its natural processes of contrasting inflammation, which helps to relieve pain and increase strength.

BioActive Insoles: How do they work?

Each of the two insoles contained in the sales package is characterized by protrusions able to guarantee a constant impulse in all points.

Both MaGrav Technology and F.I.R. Technology have a positive influence on the nerve endings that reach from the feet to each organ of our body.

Thanks to BioActive Soles it is possible to notice, right from the first days of use:

  • A reduction in the feeling of heaviness in the legs;
  • A reduction of all joint and muscle pains;
  • Regularisation of the temperature and increase in the heating of the feet.

These just described, are some of the benefits most appreciated by who have already tried and tested these BioActive Soles.

Here is a link to the customer testimonials we have received.

BioActive Soles: how do I use them?

BioActive Soles are simply inserted into the shoes that will be worn all day long. They adapt to all types of footwear and once inserted and are totally comfortable. To obtain the maximum therapeutic and preventive effect, we recommend the constant use of BioActive Soles, all day long.

BioActive Soles: effects. Do these insoles have contraindications?

No contraindication and no side effects can be attributed to the use of these innovative insoles. Indeed, when used according to lab tests, the BioActive Soles can:

  • Help relieve any pain;
  • Fight and prevent inflammation, degeneration, swelling and edema;
  • Stimulate the body to activate its natural purification processes and get rid of toxins;
  • Help to improve metabolism;
  • Stimulate better functioning of all organs;
  • Facilitating the recovery of mobility
  • Helping to regain a pleasant sense of well-being
  • Improve blood oxygenation and help reduce swelling of the feet
  • Reduces muscle fatigue and promotes muscle relaxation
  • Absorbs lactic acid and promotes post-race fatigue or training
  • Increases surface microcirculation
  • Improves posture
  • Improves static and dynamic balance
  • Improve athletic performance
  • Helps in recovery from muscle stress (DOMS)
  • Improves muscle tone
  • Relieves the sense of fatigue
  • Increased energy damage

Note: Effects and results may vary from individual to individual.

BioActive Soles: For more details, click on this link.


100% handmade, 100% Made in Italy. Our choice is to use eco-sustainable materials for greater care and attention to ourselves and nature.

Sizes: 1 size fits all – cut to size. Colours: Blue only Thickness: Approx. 0.5cm