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Advanced Technology 7 DPE100 X

Protect your local biosphere and the lives of you and your family with the DPE100 X

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The Extraordinary DPE100 X is now available

The DPE100 X is an exciting and powerful upgrade to the DPE100 that we have offered for some 5 years.
The DPE100 has provided the following function:
·      Clear extreme EMF energies from sub-Hz geopathic energies to beyond 5G
·      Reduce the power of violent storms
·      Prevent lightning in its immediate location
·      Protect from the energies of 5G towers
·      Neutralize and eliminate chemtrails locally
·      Neutralize radioactive fallout
·      Reduce the power of firestorms
·      Help to restore the local biosphere to that of 10,000 years ago.
·      Reduce the risk of earthquakes
·      And much more…
·      There are many examples at www.dpe100.com
The DPE100 X takes the DPE100 to a whole new level.
This paper describes the DPE100 X function and technology in detail.
Developed using technology created for the DPE ZED Shield, it brings the very latest physics to protecting you in our deeply disrupted world. For example, room-temperature superconductivity is just a theory for most. Advanced Technology 7 now has room-temperature conductors in all of its DPE devices, to my knowledge the only products of any type to do so.
The benefit to you is this makes the DPE100 X far more powerful over a greater distance than the DPE100 and it comes up to full power far more quickly. For example, the protection zone has expanded from a 2km radius to a 20km radius – a 10 times increase.
Advanced Technology 7 recognized that the power of the tools and technologies being arrayed against us had increased and they were committed to get ahead of the game.
And they have – for an amazingly small increase in cost.