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Advanced Technology 7 DPE ZED SHIELD

The DPE ZED Shield absorbs abnormal levels of EMF from the environment, protecting your town, farm or industrial site from 5G and other interference, as well as severe weather.

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The DPE ZED Shield

The design of the DPE ZED Shield was born from the urgent need to find a solution to a runaway chain reaction triggered by geoengineering.

In the last year, these has been a dramatic increase in sudden and very often simultaneous environmental catastrophes and multiple earthquakes across the world. 

The potential consequences for humanity and all life on Earth are nothing short of catastrophic. 

The DPE ZED Shield has been created to address this. This document introduces the context for the DPE ZED Shield and the device itself. 

A brief quote from this document: 

“We use nanotechnology in combination with other new materials to make metals superconducting and with this we have accelerated the rate of energy drainage and radioactive decay by 16,056 times, compared to the previous DPE Shield.

From our tests, the DPE Shield takes 4 hours and 46 minutes to break down chemtrails while the DPE ZED Shield manages to do the same operation in one second.

This ability to suck in so much energy creates a preferential channel through which nature manages to rebalance itself by discharging excess energy into the stratosphere, which for it is an absolute priority compared with the alternatives. This creates an exhaust radius 25 times larger than the DPE Shield. In fact, whilst the DPE Shield covers a radius of 100 km, the DPE ZED Shield covers a radius of 2500 km, due to the double torus that is formed. This covers an area of 19,625,000 square km.” Truly extraordinary.

The DPE ZED Shield exploits the very latest physics, along with knowledge from ancient Egypt – the best of the old and the new – to produce its astounding results. Results that are needed to protect planet Earth.

Additionally, the DPE ZED Shield does all that the DPE100 does. Indeed, all the DPE Agriculture does, but on a MUCH grander scale. So, you can protect your local environment and also help to take care of the planet on a truly grand scale.

Planet Earth needs our help at this time. Few yet understand the catastrophe that has been created, but it is very visible if you are aware, with an explosion in violent weather and other catastrophic events in the last year.

We need your help to rapidly deploy the DPE ZED Shield across the planet. If needed, I encourage you to team up with like-minded colleagues to help to protect the planet, and protect yourself at the same time.

Further, Advanced Technology 7 are making the DPE ZED Shield available for the same price as the DPE Shield was, despite its dramatically increased cost to manufacture. Truly extraordinary.

The DPE ZED Shield includes life affirming technology from ancient Egypt to deliver the Agricultural benefits provided by the DPE Agriculture and the DPE Shield Agriculture utilising using this new/old technology and approach.

Question: How big will be the agricultural zone from the DPE ZED Shield? 

The developer’s reply:

I have no information on this, especially because of the current state of the magnetosphere. But I'm sure of this ... all crop fields without a DPE will have the following problems: 

To achieve the same harvest, they will have to triple all the products (fertilizers, fungicides etc..) and given the work the plants are doing, they will need much more water.  Demonstrating this is simple. In the past, when the magnetosphere was stronger and healthier and electromagnetic pollution was less, the plants grew much more easily and were larger with less water. There was also much less damage from bad weather. If you ask an old farmer, he will confirm this.

We know that plants grow at night because this process is due to the rising energy from the magnetosphere, but as this force has decreased, plants are starting to grow less and much more slowly.  Furthermore, electrostatic energy and pressure and solar radiation during the day significantly weakens their immune system, they will be more dehydrated and will become unhealthy.  There has always been talk of the progressive weakening of the magnetosphere but we are the first to know the reason and above all to offer a solution.  I think this concept is very important to communicate.  If the earth's magnetosphere were to collapse, it will create a chain reaction on all the other planets as they will have to find another balance in the magnetic and gravitational universe.”

This means deploying the DPE ZED Shield across the planet has become a critical issue.

Delivery leadtime estimate – 120 days, subject to demand.

Warranty – 5 years.